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Asia profile co. has been founded in 1992 by Mr. Mohsen Ghaziasgar. The process of improvement and promotion of the company has complemented the paternity profession along with his two sons’ scientific concepts. Adding technological and industrial standards to father’s valuable experience over last three decades, the family business has gained an excellent reputation for manufacturing high qualified products. Customer centric attitude in all layers of company is what we are really proud of. The company’s young, energetic, skilled, aged, and dedicated personnel provide professional services, achieved in the light of the trust of all stakeholders and a sense of social responsibility, to the market and customers.

The main reputation of the company over the past three decades has come from products such as Z purlin, ceiling shutter, road guardrail, and closed weld seam profile. Over the past four
years, with the utmost confidence in the energy industry’s reliance on oil and the shift to clean and renewable energy, with the investments and support of managers, the company has been
involved in the production and installation of solar-powered steel structures for investors and facilitating all its implementation. 

Manufacturing of household structures for the generation of scattered solar power was the beginning of entry into this market. The experience and skill of working on metal on the one hand and the proficiency gained from the heavy competition in domestic and export markets, on the other hand, provided the perfect background for new
service delivery.

The mission of the organization

Our effort is to offer our customers a product with the best price, the highest quality, the easiest access and the most choice.

The mission of the organization

with a good price


Guaranteed to provide the highest quality




right to choose

The vision of the organization

The desired position of the organization is to be in the top ranks of steel producers by increasing production for reliable customers and exporting manufactured products to other countries of the world.


Executive Team

Supply & Quality Assurance Officer

Mr. Ali Ahmadi

Sales Manager

Mr. Hossein Borna

Finance and Administration Manager

Alireza Abu Fazli

Chairman of the Board and director

Mr. Mohammad Ghaziasgar

Chief executive officer

Mr. Hadi Purkalbasi

The message from the late CEO

With the belief that the most important and valuable resources of the company are its personnel, efforts are made to create a suitable environment and a learning space for moving towards a learning organization. Given the importance of customer satisfaction, all personnel strive to respond quickly, correctly, and respectfully to them. Considering the persistent challenges in this industry (both nationally and internationally), all company personnel are working towards a proper and rational approach to these issues and finding the best solutions in the shortest possible time.
All company personnel in all ranks learn and practice to be always diligent in the field of increasing productivity, the continuous growth of the organization, and consequently achieving desirable financial results.

Seyed Ali Ghaazi Asgar

The late CEO

Executive Team