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Road guardrail

Road guardrail

Safe roads are considered a critical component of the infrastructure for the sustainable development of any country. Each secure freeway reduces the risk of accidents and contributes to a higher success rate in achieving balanced road transportation development. One of the key elements of highway equipment that instills confidence in drivers and passengers is the guardrail product group. This metal barrier is among the most important traffic safety equipment and serves as an effective tool for road separation and guidance. Steel guardrails are one of the most common and widely used safety barriers worldwide. This type of barrier, including flexible guardrails, deforms significantly upon vehicle impact, absorbing the maximum energy.

common questions

Guardrail is a steel structure that is installed along the roads. Its main use is to protect drivers from unintentionally leaving the road and preventing serious accidents.

There are different types of steel guardrails that vary according to the applications and road conditions. Some examples include metal guardrails, NJ, and movable guardrails.

Yes, steel guardrails increase road safety. They are effective in reducing accidents and lowering the effects of road accidents. Use of renewable resources: Solar energy is one of the renewable resources that not only has no finite resources but is within
Correct installation and maintenance of steel guardrails is very important. These structures should be regularly checked and repaired if necessary to maintain the efficiency and safety of
Choosing between conventional and New Jersey steel guardrails depends on road conditions and safety needs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen according to the specific situation.
Buying and selling of steel guardrails may include technical advice, price of guardrails, and installation and maintenance facilities. Choosing a qualified supplier is important.

Functional effect of guardrail in reducing accidents

Profile Asia Company offers two types of guardrails, namely black two-wave guardrails and galvanized two-wave guardrails. They are primarily categorized into three types based on their usage: side guardrails, median guardrails, and impact attenuators. Side guardrails are typically placed alongside streets to protect against accidents and prevent deviation from main roads, while median guardrails are typically used in the middle of roads to separate lanes for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Examples of guardrail projects

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